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From Glory to Glory

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From Glory to Glory

Bible readings: 2Cor 3:18, Mark5:25, Acts 31:8, Gen 24: 34-35, Gen 26:12-14, 2Cor7:1, 1Kings18:31-39, Ex15:24, Acts 8:5-8.

Moving from glory to glory means three things:

  1. To increase or be elevated in all facets of life in the glory of God.
  2. To be changed and shaped by the holy spirit
  3. To conform to God’s likeness.


Before one can move from glory to glory, you have to be a Total Man. A Total Man is someone who is physically alright, mentally sound, materially okay and spiritually great. All this can be achieved when we succumb to the holy spirit’s teaching and guide.

What do I need to do to move from glory to glory?

  1. Set your mind and heart to become a Total Man.
  2. Consistently listen and meditate to God’s words.

Sow and grow. Sow into people’s lives and watch how you’d grow in strength