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The man Jesus

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The man Jesus

Bible Readings: HEB 1 vs 1-3, Gen 14:18, John 1vs 1-3, genesis 2vs 7, John 14: 23, 1john 4vs 7 and 8, rev5 vs 9-12, col 3vs 12

In the past, God spoke to his people through others; prophets, leaders and so on but since the birth of Jesus, God communicates to his people personally through the power of his son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Angel of the lord and the chief priest of the most high God.

The man Jesus is both divine and human and the most important reason why Jesus died for us was to redeem man and drive him back to God.

The man Jesus came to show humans the pattern of behavior acceptable in heaven.

Characteristics of the man Jesus

  1. Love
  2. He honours the lord
  3. Forgiveness

God has provided some clothes in his wardrobe and he wants us to adorn them always. They are: Compassion, kindness, humility, forgiveness and love.